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Casino Tropez is the latest next generation casino software from Playtech, and in our book, it's a winner! Casino Tropez is really slick! Between the sparkling photo-realistic 3D graphics and the background music and casino sounds, you'll have the feeling of being in a real live casino in the comfort of your own home!

The software downloads and installs quickly (thanks to Akamai), and the interface is very, very easy to navigate and use. You can select whether you want to play for fun or for real. I wish real casinos let you do this because it lets you take the pulse of the slots and tables, and gives you time to understand the rules and nuances of every game.

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Playing for fun is also a great way to tighten up your game. If you are new to gaming, live or online, having the ability to play for fun helps you in many ways:

·You can try all the games at no risk.

·You can play at your own pace.

·You can always get more cash even if you go bust.

I really like the fact that Casino Tropez allows you to control the playing environment. You can shut off the background music and casino sounds if you like. Personally, I get real excited and intense when I play -- my adrenaline goes nuts! So being able to limit my distractions is a great aid. I close the door to my office, make sure the kids are in bed, and can begin to play in peace and quiet. Where else can you do that? Certainly not in a real live casino!

Some folks like to scope out the action at tables and engage in idle chit chat. While it can be fun to cheer each other on or to commiserate over losses, I prefer to play one on one with the dealer or croupier. Casino Tropez gives you the ability to play with multiple players or to use a live chat function to compare notes and socialize. Whatever floats your boat. I prefer solitude so I can concentrate on my betting.

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Casino Tropez offers all your favorites including:

·9 Progressive Jackpots

·Blackjack Switch – NEW!


·European Roulette

·Progressive Caribbean Poker



·Pai Gow Poker

·30 kinds of Slots & 7 Bonus Games

·8 Video Slots

·9 kinds of Video Poker


·Casino War

·Red Dog

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I am very impressed by the graphics and real-time animation of these games. We tested the playing over a standard cable modem connection, and play is lightening fast -- certainly close to being in a real casino -- so the action keeps moving and it's hard to get bored. Plus, you can also choose the speed of the game, which is perfect for me – I’ve lost count of the times in Vegas that I just got comfortable with a dealer’s speed, then they switch on me and I lose my momentum – so this feature is a huge plus for us players. Also a plus at Casino Tropez is no waiting for changes of dealers or cashing out the bank or shuffling of cards. I like that. More time to play and less hassles.

Casino Tropez has something for everyone, from the seasoned professional gambler to the newcomer. You can download their software for free and simply play for fun, or if you open an account with as little as $20.00, the casino will give you a 100% bonus all the way up to $75.00.

For example, open an account with $20.00, and you'll get a $20.00 bonus. Open an account with $75.00 and up, and you'll get a $75.00 bonus (please note, promotions change all the time, so you may want to check the active promotions before opening your account).

Both depositing and withdrawing money is very easy as Casino Tropez supports Credit Cards (both online and via fax), Firepay, PrePaidATM, Neteller, Citadel, Bank Drafts, Wire transfers, and PayPal.

And yes, just like real live casinos, Casino Tropez offers "comps" -- as you gamble, you earn points and these points may be converted to cash and added to your account balance at any time.

Casino Tropez offers 24 hour response should you experience any problems or have any questions. While the casino is based in the island of Antigua, there are real live bodies available to answer your questions. In addition, the online help both explains the rules and answers frequently asked questions about casino operation, so it's hard not to find the help you need when you need it.

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